Report by Ruhul Amin Khan: A public appeal against the bad treatment of refugees at Maria-Probst-Straße 14 in Munich by security guards in view of the outbreak of Corona in the camp

by Nderim Lushi

We call for immediate intervention for help!

Two refugees in the camp are infected with the corona virus, many refugees who have not been confirmed as sick have been packed into the same room, solely on the basis of suspicion with no signs of the virus. The guards yell at them and forcibly push them back into the room, where they are left with no food and no washing machine to clean clothes and bedding. They are not allowed to get food or tea from the canteen, there is no clear flow of information between the security guards and the government as different orders are issued at the same time. This is not only a serious problem for the refugees, but also for the whole of Germany. 400 to 500 refugees are in this so-called emergency camp. We are a lot of refugees and we have been there for at least three months. Everything happens very slowly. Nothing is being done to counter the deadly conditions that refugees are currently facing.

The sheets and blankets. in which we sleep are made of a material (“dust fiber”) that, according to a textile engineer, should not be used by humans because of health risks. We sleep in the dust, which leads to asthma, coughs and other lung diseases.

The suspect’s rooms have never been cleaned since we were brought here; the cleaners don’t even come near. We do not have a washing machine; only after 14 days, after persistent protests, we were given the opportunity to do laundry once.

They put our food on the floor, which is completely unsanitary. They treat us like animals. They don’t provide enough food, this stress leads to heart problems for me and I already feel so weak that my immune system is completely depressed. Their plan is for us to prove that we are sick.

The situation in this camp is terrible, and for me the situation is one of panic.

A man (see photo) who suffers from a serious lung disease (a doctor’s report is available to us) coughs very heavily; he vomited all over his bed and other beds and on the floor. He asked for a doctor, but security refused and we all live in this room. So you can imagine the risk we live in.

The man with lung disease has since been moved to another room because of our resistance, and we insisted that he be given medical treatment because of his severe cough and general illness. According to him, he is still not getting any medicine. The food they give us will be picked up from the nearby asylum center at Maria-Probst-Straße 41, where four people have also tested positive for COVID-19 from various sources.

A few days ago the security guards wanted to bring a suspected infected man into our room. When we rejected him because of our health and safety, after consulting with their bosses, they tried to enforce it by force. We told them it would be their responsibility if we got sick from the new addition.

They called the police and the police tried to convince us that we were all asylum seekers anyway, that wouldn’t matter, we could all stay together. We asked the police: what is isolation?

We asked the police to give assurances that they would be responsible if either of us got sick; they rejected this responsibility. They then left and the man was placed in the room across the street.

Not only are we “close contact persons”, around 400 people were in closer contact with the infected. So why are they only isolating us and why are they not providing us with essentials? We don’t get any disinfectants. We need hygienic and healthy equipment and a permanent way to do laundry. Above all, we need separate rooms and toilets for our safety.

We call on television, radio, press and other media groups to come to us so that they can learn more and experience the conditions live and urge us for human treatment!

I am relatively certain that security will refuse entry to the press or television.

The pictures show our room, which is never cleaned.

STOP deportations !!

We call for help! Meanwhile, some of us are refugees under arrest / quarantine due to COVID 19. While we cannot get out, other refugees from the same infected area are being deported to Afghanistan. This is unacceptable and unfair!

Ruhul Amin Khan,

Refugee from Bangladesh, political victim of the ruling party. In Bangladesh, prison or certain death awaits me.

Address: c / o arrival center Maria Probst Straße 14, Munich, Tel .: 0049-152-14057064

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